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How do I place an order?

  • You can place an order via phone or email. You may call our number +1 (713) 804-6588, fill out the Contact Us forms. You can also send us a direct email to We will need to gather a few basic pieces of information from you. Your business name, whether you have a logotype or you will be needing one, and the basic contact information we will use to go over the project with you. Then, we can discuss what type of product or service you need from us and we go from there!

  • After receiving your quote, and once you have reviewed some of the product specs with our project manager, quantities (if any), and artwork fees - we will send an invoice to process the order. Once the invoice is paid for the order is officially placed! At this point, we kick off the design process. Your first artwork review will arrive in your email in the next 24-48 hours - depending on the type of project.

What is an artwork proof?

  • An artwork proof is a document that displays a visual representation of your project. Be it a new logotype, print project, vinyl wrap or sign - the colors, shapes and content involved in your project must be revised by you in order to produce a satisfactory product. All products must be revised and approved by you, and the proof allows for a practical way to show what the design looks like before going into production.

  • The proof has two main purposes. The main purpose is to show you what your end product will look like. Since the artwork displayed in it is a graphic representation of your project, it may not be a photograph of the end product but it will be the best visual representation of how it will look like in real life. The secondary purpose is to keep track of your projects with us. A good history record will allow us to keep all your graphic projects consistent throughout time.

  • Proofs are great in helping keep track of work done and making sure all content is accurate and revised!

How many revisions are included per artwork proof?

  • The standard amount of revisions per artwork proof is 3. This will depend largely on the type of design involved. If it's a standard print order 3 is usually enough. For logotype designs sometimes 3-5 revisions is sufficient as well. Nevertheless, sometimes clients add products to their orders after seeing the first proofs, and ideally each additional product will include 1 revision per item. So, in short - each product proof includes one (1) revision and up to two (2) additional revisions for corrections and editing until the product is satisfactory and approved for production.

  • Sometimes clients have new print projects in mind that would entail further graphic design work. That may include one or several revisions until done right. That's also why each project has an artwork proof associated with it. It is only in the cases where artwork revisions take more than the average amount of time for the same type of project that higher artwork fees would apply.

  • Usually, the project manager will let you know how many revisions will be included in your order.

Why do I have to pay before getting an artwork proof?

  • Since our products are custom print items, and putting together designs and artworks takes time, it is customary in the print & sign industry to bill clients prior to starting graphic work on their projects. This ensures that the time spent by our professional graphic designers and the cost of materials is covered even if the client never picks up the custom-made item. Custom prints, signs, vehicle wraps, and websites are all billed ahead of project kick-off.

  • The items may be billed separately or in parts when projects involve longer times of development. Projects such as channel letters, building signage, tradeshow booths with event participation logistics, and all consulting time are billable in accordance with service contracts established with the client.

What are the artwork fees for? What are the different types of fees?

  • $25 Standard 1st-time Artwork Fee. Standard design fee - applicable for designs that don't need reconstruction or logotype design. Where the client has their logotype in hand and in vector file type. Applicable for everyday prints and signs. Not applicable for Business Literature, Floor or Window Graphics, Outdoor signs, Tradeshow products or Web Design.

  • $10 Change of Name BC Fee. Applicable to Business Card designs made by NORDIC that will print in separate sets.

  • $55 Print Product Design Fee (Business Literature, Floor or Window Graphics, Outdoor signs, and Tradeshow products). Includes 2 revisions. Any time used for further design creations or further changes and reviews will accumulate at $75 per hour.

  • $55 Embroidery Stitch File conversion Fee. For logos & designs that will be embroidered onto garments.

  • $75 Logo Reconstruction Fee. For Logotypes that are in .JPEG, .PNG, frozen .PDF. Includes 2 revisions.

  • $250 Standard New Logotype Fee. Includes 3 min proposed designs in Rev.1, and one additional review. Any time used for further design creations or further changes and reviews will accumulate at $75 per hour.

  • $100 for reconstruction with or without improvements of existing logotypes.

  • $75 Graphic Design Hourly Fee. For new or reconstructed graphics that will not need printing.

  • $100 AutoCAD Drafting Hourly Fee.

  • $140 3D Rendering Hourly Fee.

  • $100 Tradeshow design consulting Hourly Fee.

  • $65 Business/Office Interior Design/Consulting Hourly fee.

When can I expect my items to be ready?

Depending on the product or service you can expect the following turnaround times:

​Logotype design - 1st artwork review: 1 week.

Print Products - 1st artwork review: 24-48 hours. Most print products have an average time of production is 5-7 business days after formal proof approval.

Apparel Proofs - 1st artwork review: 48-72 hours. Apparel orders will highly depend on quantities and garment availability. The average production time is 5-7 business days.

Everyday Signs - 1st artwork review: 48-72 hours. For everyday signs, the average time of production is 5-7 business days.

Outdoor Signs - 1st artwork review: 1 week. The average production time is 5-7 business days after city permit approval. Installation scheduling for outdoor signs will be done with the client 10-15 days prior to manufacturing completion.

Vehicle Wraps - 1st artwork review: 1 week. Installation time will depend on the vehicle wrap type. For Color Change and Full Graphics Wraps, the average time of completion for medium to large vehicles is 5 business days.

3D Print Proof - 1st artwork review: 1 week.

Web Design - 1 Review: 3 weeks / Project completion 4-8 weeks.

Promotional Items - 1st artwork review: 24-48 hours. The average production time is 7-14 business days.

Tradeshow stand design - 1st artwork review: 1 week. Production/construction will highly depend on the event's location and organizers.

What are the payment options available?

We have all payment options available! Pay with Credit or Debit card either in person with your assigned Project Manager or via the link provided in the email with your invoice. We also accept cash, check, or payment via PayPal & Venmo.

What if I don't like my end-products?

We believe the success of our business relies solely on customer satisfaction. As graphic & branding experts, our main focus lies in delivering the best quality products and providing excellent service. We are fully committed to having 100% satisfied clients!

All printed products go through the design process in which all clients are required to review text, content, images, colors, and shapes, but we understand that sometimes products don't come out exactly as envisioned. For all those cases, and in case there is anything wrong with your item, contact us to get it reprinted* at no cost to you!

*Reprints based on print or ink errors found post-production.

You still have questions? No Problem!

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with your question and we will be happy to send you an answer! You can find our contact details below:

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