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What is a proof?

An artwork proof is a document that displays a visual representation of your project. Be it a new logotype, print project, vinyl wrap or sign - the colors, shapes and content involved in your project must be revised by you in order to produce a satisfactory product. All products must be revised and approved by you, and the proof allows for a practical way to show what the design looks like before going into production.

A proof has two main purposes. The main purpose is to show you what your end product will look like. Since the artwork displayed in it is a graphic representation of your project, it may not be a photography of the end product but it will be the best visual representation of how it will look like in real life. The secondary purpose is to keep track of your projects with us. A good history record will allow us to keep all your graphic projects consistent throughout time.

Proofs are great in helping keep track of work done and making sure all content is accurate and revised!


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